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Dennis Drucker

As Executive Director of Dealership Operations for The Ed Morse Automotive Group I have had the pleasure of working with David Randell for several years on a multitude of our Group’s projects. David photographs each of our two major banquet functions every year, one for our top salespeople, and one for our dealership management teams. The quality of his work is excellent and his friendly warm demeanor puts people at ease, making for delightful posed photographs of the couples in attendance as well as lively candid photos that capture the essence of the events. David’s photos create special memories for those upon whom we rely to make our Group successful.David also photographs our dealerships. His knowledge of light and shadow, along with his recommendations for the best time of day to take the photographs, has resulted in photographs that not only show the facilities well, but often do so in dramatic fashion capturing the buildings at peak daylight brilliance, or with colorful sunsets behind them, or illuminated with a glow in front of a nighttime sky. David Randell is a dependable quality photographer, who is a pleasure to work with. David is one of those rare businessmen who you quickly embrace as part of the family. He has become an integral part of our Ed Morse team and, like family, goes out of his way to make our facilities and our employees and their guests all look their best. Dennis Drucker, Executive Director of Dealership Operations

Robert S. C. Kirschner

I've always admired the dedication and quality of David's work. Perfection always delivered. Robert S.C. Kirschner, PublisherPassport Publications & Media Corporation

Alison Walker Pruit

David achieves the challenging goal of capturing personality in great portraiture because he genuinely cares about his subjects, and demonstrates tremendous attention to detail. He spends time getting to know his subjects, observing them as he interacts with them. While David is shooting, he guides his subjects through the emotions he wants to capture, with his conversation. The result is catching smiles and glances that really define who the subject is, as an 'every day' person.I recommend David R. Randell to all of the business executives who are members of the associations we manage. Alison Pruitt, Association Management & Communications

Jessica Lister

David is talented as an artist, technician and businessman. I asked David to take an attorney headshot in a very specific and predetermined style for a website overhaul with less than two weeks’ notice; with a lot of legwork on his part, he delivered exactly what I needed and ahead of deadline. I have worked with a lot of photographers all over the country and he is one of the best. Jessica Lister, Director of Marketing, Cantor Colburn LLP

Gregory T. DuBose

David has proven a valuable team member as both a photographer and a consultant. He shines behind the camera. But, he really distinguishes himself before ever stepping in to take the photo. His creativity and energy are major assets to my client, MPS and my branding shop. I appreciate the fact that David takes the time on the front end, in the days and sometimes months leading up to a shoot, to make certain we are set for success. His mind is constantly at work. It's a joy to have an active participant in the creative process and not just a person taking pictures. Of course, when IT matters most is in the final product. I could not be happier with his work, his follow up and follow through. The icing on the cake is just how pleased my client is to have gone through the process. David Randell is a craftsman. Gregory T. DuBose, President, Bella Group

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